Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's Talk Osteoporosis

I never thought much about osteoporosis until I was diagnosed with it and began to learn more. It is serious, and older people, especially post-menopausal women, should be aware of this condition. WebMD, a site I rely on for good information, has some good articles today.

First, there is some evidence that Fosamax, a popular drug for treatment may actually weaken bones in a small subset of users.

Are you a drinker, or were you in younger days? Alcohol may heighten your osteoporosis risk.

Just as for heart disease, there may be genetic markers for osteoporosis.

Severe osteoporosis, that may be beyond Fosamax, may be treated with daily Forteo injections. I am quite familiar with this one. The problem here is that Forteo is recommended for only two years. There is a new option beyond those two years. Reclast is given only once a year -- yes, once a year! However, there are warnings accompanying this drug.

Thank you, WebMD, for continuing to keep us informed.

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