Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dr. Daniel Fisher on Peer-Run Respites

Mind Rubble to another may appear to have similarities, yet within one's own mind ht holds it's own identity. Imagine yourself taking a "quiz" or having to fill out a questionnaire. Within this, you must use a scale of "never", "moderate", "extreme".
Now answer of "moderate" is MY perception. Yet to another person, who knows me, sees me, is privy to details of me, may say, "Oh "NEVER" do xy&z"- their perception of me. Thus, another person who has all the same information as the previous person may tend to say "Oh are extreme in that category".
Again their perception of me. Not MY perception of me, how I live, how I think.

This overall thought came to me, not from a political view point, not from an employment stand point, its just an overall view on an individual perception of just life around them. The overall thought can be implemented, though, just about anywhere.

My view on a topic is just that, MY view. I do not interject MY view to dissuade anyone, or to feverishly change their way of thinking. It is simply, my perception. It is not right. It is not wrong.
It just is.

It's called educating one's self. To do so, one must take in all aspects of a topic. Hear all the good and the bad. Then make an informed decision on said topic.

YET realizing, its only thier perception of that said topic.

It is not THE golden rule.
It is not law.

Its not.

See we have this wonderful idea as being part of the animal kingdom, it's called FREE WILL.

We have the freedom to think, to process ideas, to implement ideas.
My idea of what is good, is only good for me. My world.
I tell you of my idea, and you process the idea, and you think, "Hey that's not so bad" thus you then take on that thought, it becomes then YOUR perception of an idea of another.
Then you may tell your sibling, and they process this and attempt to implement and they despise it. Due to varying reasons, yet mainly their perception, their bias', their world.

Does not define the idea as wrong.

Society tries to tame the FREE WILL, for reasons of? Control? Maintaining a civilization that has an overall outward gander on the whole?
Even within these, laws, we still maintain our own free will, our own perceptions.

It does not GIVE me the freedom to rob someone, or to kill someone or to cheat and lie.

Yet the choices to make such a decision. I am aware that the WHOLE has instituted laws that carry a consequence of whatever action.

MY perception of the moment, of the act, is my truth, yet does not absolve one from said act.

I am not wrong. NOR am I right.

It is my truth.

(hmmmmmmmm all this from a question about exercise too)