Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sativex - What Now?

It was a couple of years ago I learned of a clinical trial for a cannabis-based drug Sativex that is administered as a mouth spray. It was again noticed in December last year. Cannabis blocks receptors in the brain for pain and spasms. That trial was scheduled to complete in March of this year. What happened?

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre announced results today. Read through this, scroll down, there are several articles, some including comments of people participating in the trial. It is interesting reading.

There is evidence that Sativex moderates MS progression, but more clinical data is needed before Sativex will actually be approved.

Sativex is already approved and marketed in Canada for treatment of pain in MS and cancer. It is also prescribed in Scotland. Later this year it is expected that an application to license is made in the UK.