Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One side of a conversation

What's that you say? Really?
Thats interesting...
No, no not much. Just life ya know.

A this and a that...with a bunch of what the f*** in between.
How long?
That long?
Allergy bill? I owe you? How's that?

Ohhhhh the dust that blows about on this page? I should put a disclaimer maybe?
About two years...Yep it's been about two years since any word laid down here and made a home. Any new word that is...A run down
We moved...bought a big old house. Yes OLD as in built in 1885. love it. Huge yard.
Kids love it. Odin loves it.
Odin? Ohhh yeah the two year thing. He is our pup...our 120 pound PUP. He is a South African Mastiff. He is the best pup one could want. We are also fostering rescues.
Yeah..why not add more chaos to the life huh.
THe kids...
Oldest graduates this year off to college. I just felt a few more wrinkles pop through. Otto rtarts High School...Con he is still Mcgyver, all boy and the Diva?
More the Diva, gotta love her.

I was promoted.
(Silent woo hoo for me)
My writing? HA HA...surely you jest...think there is dust here? Yet that is my darkness. My funk. Its building again. Gnaws at me,
Painting? Again you are a silly silly person. I know, we have more room, a wonderful FULL walk up attic(another house could go up there). Yet, it is a 100+ old attic, needs a tad bit of work to be a studio. It day. Sigh.

Well thats the past two years. Really, all the incidentals? Eh...*yawn*.
My hope? To slowly get back to writing, so excuse me as I stretch, clear the bunnies out of the gray matter.
Pardon my lack of, of...hmmmmm Pardon my rustiness, yeah.

So what's new in your neck of the woods?


Monday, April 19, 2010

verba volant, scripta manent "words fly away, writings remain"

What news? What is new? New?
Oh everyday is new. Every sprout I see is new, every thought is new.

and yet...

It all feels old.
Crackling, deep inside. Wanting to leap out and scream, "HEYYYYYY OVER HERE!!!!"

Alas biding time, in utter silence. Words find no home. None new that is.
Finding the elusive time, to just sit and take what gathers around in the skull, knocking around occasionally. No, no, banging, clawing wanting to escape.
Yearning to place them once more in some form. Here or elsewhere, in script or prose.

As the moments pass, one by one, another gone, oh look and another and still
staring at a blinking cursor.
No characters. No letters. No excessive punctuation.

SO what does prevent NEW words finding a new home?
Procrastination? Could be, doubtful though.
Insecurity? Leaning towards.
Meaning? Do they hold anymore meaning for anyone else than myself? And why would I care...

Having let go of my words for so long. I truly truly miss them. Mourn for them.

The stories, the old stories, yearn to be read, again. Want to be placed again. With a smidge of a touch up here
and oh yeah maybe there.

Overhaul on some.

And the words whir whir whir.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sit and Stay Fit with Yoga

Here is an article, the first of a short series on MS and Yoga published on Health Central April 7.

Living well with MS can't exclude exercise.There was a time when my daily routine included walking for miles and playful activities like horseback riding, skiing, and dancing, but then I began to have trouble balancing and walking, so my life changed. I was familiar with yoga, and that fit right in as my abilities changed. When or if... Read moreChevron

There is a reference to yoga teacher Jenney Alterman's story. Here is the rest of Jenny's story.

"When I was a kid, I had a friend who was sick a bunch. She was always on the skinny side and was always kind of pale and weak. I thought it was just normal for some people to be that way. At the beginning of our freshman year of high school, we tried out for the basketball team. We had practiced all summer long and were so excited when we found out we made the team. We had visions of hoop victory, side-by-side showing everyone we deserved to be there. But a week later, we both got the bad news. My buddy, my partner in crime, my best buddy had mono. She would not ever play in a high school basketball game, she would never get to see me play in a game, and it would be nine months before I would see her again. That moment I knew something was not right with her. It wasn’t the mono, it was more than that. But at that young tender age, I had no idea what it was. Maybe it was just a feeling I had.

"A few years ago I attended training for yoga teachers and the adaptations of yoga for individuals with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). On that first day of training I knew what was wrong with my friend, she has MS. I haven’t seen my friend in many years and wondered where she was and how she was feeling. Wouldn’t you know a week after the training we found each other on Facebook! Wow, funny how the world works. I never made mention of MS to her, other than my training classes, but I think she knew that she had MS, but was unable to face it.

"I have always thought of my students and multi-level beings, containing both suffering and non-suffering parts of the body and mind, the way I want to be thought of by others. When working with someone, I see them as more than just a physical body. We are emotional and spiritual beings with different moods, energy levels, needs and desires. This is where yoga is so beneficial. We are not limited to the physical constraints. We can use breathing techniques, meditation and guided relaxation to promote a healthy mind and spirit to achieve freedom and flexibility beyond the muscles and bones.

"When working with MS it is important to respect the other person completely, understand the effects not just on the body, but on the mind as well. It’s hard for people with MS sometimes to face themselves in the mirror and not get depressed about their circumstances. This I believe is the most crucial part of the practice of yoga. Lifting the mood, accepting the body as it is and maintaining a healthy outlook. This can be the greatest obstacle to overcome for both the yoga teacher and student. However, this is not just limited to folks with MS, anyone can suffer this way. This surrendering is the turning point of many, and even though it is hard for all involved, I cherish every time I witness it. It means someone’s path has made a turn in a healing and healthy direction and that no matter how bleak the future seems, the mind and spirit can always shine a light to guide the way.

"My friend has since come out of the closet and shared she has MS. She now has acceptance and is on a path of light and love with all of us to support her."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Want to Walk this Weekend in LA?

One of my favorite online friends organizes a team walking for MS, and has been very successful earning funds for MS research. His team is named the JiggyWiggits. If you are in the LA area, and you are ready to walk for MS, think about this:

Michael invited you to "SAVE THE DATE - Emmylou Tribute - MS Fundraiser -Coming
April 10!" on Saturday, April 10 at 7:00pm.

Michael says, "This Saturday April 10th Join us for a great night of LIVE music
and a tribute to Country Singer Emmylou Harris at the Talking Stick on Lincoln
in Venice, CA. 100% of donations and proceeds from all auction items go to Team

Event: SAVE THE DATE - Emmylou Tribute - MS Fundraiser -Coming April 10!
Start Time: Saturday, April 10 at 7:00pm
End Time: Saturday, April 10 at 10:00pm
Where: The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do You Rely on Medicare?

Beginning April 1, and that is today, many physicians plan to reduce services to Medicare Services. No Fooling!

This is because Congress is on spring recess and they did not complete a vote before recess. However, if a successful vote is held next week, expiring programs will be extended for 30 days.

Plans being discussed include not accepting new Medicare patients, dropping all Medicare patients, laying off staff, or even closing the practice all together!

Baby Boomers are aging and swelling the numbers of Medicare patients. It sounds as if a large number of older people may be losing access to medical care, although they are still covered by insurance. Once again, No Fooling!