Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday was a great day for promoting the Walk MS event this Saturday! We had several interviews between yesterday and this morning. First we started yesterday morning with an interview at KONA radio with Dennis & Michael. Next we headed across the hall to Mix 105.3fm where we talked to Doug & Denise. The evening brought the first of our TV interviews. It started at Jaime's house with an interview about MS and her experiences, then we (Me, Jaime, Donna, & Dominique) all met at the Tri-City Court Club for a more in-depth Walk interview, where we all got on the exercise machines and it made for a great story!

This morning brought a VERY early morning interview. Before the sun even got up (5:30 am we hit the air). We were on KVEW's Good Morning Northwest with Kevin & Julie. They have even started their own team (lead by the weather girl...Molly). They have promised to be there Saturday with their walking shoes on and ready to go!

While on the air with KONA radio, Dennis surprised me with a beautiful walking stick! As soon as I am able I will get a picture up for all of you to see. :) It is hand made by one of his friends, with a lovely pink handle, compass, shamrock good luck charm, and my name is carved in it too! I can't wait till you all get to see it. The reason he did it is because we were talking one day after one of the other interviews about my grandpa starting a walking stick for me before he got sick and he was never able to finish it. I brought back the piece of wood he was going to make it with so at least I have that. I always wanted one though and so now I have one.

I am sure looking forward to seeing everyone at the walk. Please join us if you are here in the Tri-Cities, or happen to be passing through. We will have lots of food and some great entertainment. There will also be a raffle where some wonderful prizes will be given out. It is going to be a beautiful day and Molly (at KVEW) this morning said it is going to be 77! Let's hope she's right. It would be a nice change from the rain we have had over the last couple of years.

I hope I am starting to get some readers now that I am getting the hang of this (Jaime has been helping me). So to all of you who are reading, have a great Tuesday!