Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brain Injury Survivor

Dan Windheim was a mere 16 years old when an automobile accident left him with a traumatic brain injury (BTI) in 1979. He has spent much of his time since then communicating with other BTI survivors, learning about them, and sharing with newly affected people. Check out his web site, Life with BTI.

Listen to an interview with Dan where he talks about his accident, the resulting coma, his recovery and what he is up to now.

Life with BTI is an informative site. Read the Intro for a quick overview of his story.

Read the section called Q & A. For each question, there are many answers from different BTI survivors. The question topics range from age of injury, acceptance, giving yourself credit to frustration, injury results, and support. You can follow one person by reading his answers to several questions. He invites others to respond to these questions.

See about his books It's Not All Black and White: A Survivor's View of Life and The Poem Book: Reflections of a Brain Injury Survivor. Dan Windheim is currently writing a new book on what people do not know about living with a disability. Watch this man. He is doing good stuff.

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