Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dramatic entrances I always figured I came in this world screaming, I plan on going out the same.Now don't get all in a tizzy. I am not going anywhere...yet. One day, yeah I guess's the way of this life. Where we begin and we end.
And all the in between we call living.
Hmmm...We all live so very differently. Yet in a very simplistic view of it? We all have the same common goal. To make it to the next day. The other side. Maybe a little more haggard...a little more muddied...more confused......or on a good day...with some clarity.

From the moment we awake...or goal stretches us to just make it to that soft pillow again. And then renew to another day. All that....that "stuff" we complete in the meantime...fills the time to get to the otherside.
Some having nothing to do with that endeavor. Some, having everything to do with it.

Seeking solitude. Each finding our serenity in places others would never venture. Dreaming of new ventures. New lives. the big picture, It's all the same. We may look different, act different..change day to day. We are all the same. Just looking for our piece. Our piece of???? This life.

Living in bubbles. Living in our own little worlds. For a time or forever. Whatever gets us through. Wanting. Yearning. Lusting. To? Feel alive? Feel the ticker beat like crazy. To have beautiful images pass before our eyes. Burning within our souls.

Some never see parts of us. Some only see what we want them to see to know. Waiting for the questions. The answers sit.
Sharing our deepest most secretive ramblings. Resting assured, there are others like us. Living parallel lives. exist. To breathe. Blood pumping through the veins. Wild passionate. Calm and serene. Rage filled. Melancholy. To catatonic. All striving for the common, the same, no different. To feel alive. To know it here, pounding in your chest. Breathless at times. Suffocating others. Claiming a stake. Wandering off.
Returning to the fold. Trapping within the negative. Pulling out of it with an indifference. Jaded. Yet vibrant. All to just get to other side.
To exclaim, I made it...once again. Maybe a bit bruised and battered. A worse for wear. Stronger. Undying. Doing it for ourselves. For our love. No one else's. Along this trek, we embrace new lives within our own. Taking comfort in the similarities, apparent. All unique in our own singularity. And all soo much the same. In the core. Understanding, forgiving. Forgiving, for there will be a day when we seek that redemption upon ourselves. Coming around and going around. It happens. It is the hum of life. The murmur we hear when alone within our thoughts. The droning white noise. Bright. Piercing at times. Startling. For all that comes my way...I give it back.

I will not be broken. I will not allow it.

Keeping my bright world tempered...dim. Occasionally rekindling. Igniting those fires. Other times, smoldering.


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