Thursday, January 29, 2009

Online Health Networks getting Bigger!

Take a look at everydayHealth, a network dedicated to good health. Called the preeminent online health destination, everydayHealth was enhanced in October 2008 by a merger of Revolution Health and Waterfront Media.

This site focuses on maintaining good health, but there are articles and groups that support specific conditions and diseases as well. Check out the Revolution Health Multiple Sclerosis Support.

everydayHealth provides health information from A to Z, including active discussions, expert advice, and even recipes. There is so much to take in, but take your time. There is more.

is "combining forces" with Health Central., a leading publisher of online health

In a joint message from
Christopher M. Schroeder, CEO of HealthCentral and Ron Gutman, Founder and CEO of Wellsphere, they said, "Our communities offer unparalleled insight, practical advice, and inspiration for people who want to live better and fuller lives."

Look at the tips on fashion recently posted by MerelyMe in the Health Center's Multiple Sclerosis Central. Browse through this section and you will find columns written by other favorites such as Lisa Emrich and Mandy Crest.

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