Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Despite MS, to Spite MS

How unique is this book? In the forwardJennifer Digman shares her research that there are 2,100 books on MultipleSclerosis but only 5 about Multiple Sclerosis love stories.

How unique was reading this book? Because of MSsymptoms Patti cannot read nor can she remember in the short term which in turnaffects attention span. Reading it to her pieces of chapters at a time over theholidays was beyond interesting, at times outside my imagination.

At one moment I’m reading to Patti about DanDigman who transfers his wife Jennifer from her wheelchair with the same oneperson unassisted transfer as I use for Patti except the guy has MS. Not onlyhas MS but runs an 8K race in 43 minutes – damn, this guy is in far bettershape than me and I do not have MS.

While Patti, who does have MS, makes skeptical soundsabout a think positive snippet in one breath, laughs along with Jennifer’s takeon something from their shared wheelchair view perspective in the next breath,and then abruptly decides she just wants to go to bed. MS attention span can bedizzying to deal with.

Spacing chapters are haiku poems by Judy Williams who also has MS. These capture Patti’s attention causing spontaneous commentsand observations, a couple times leaving me to see the poem differently.

If ever I doubted it, this experience ofreading “Despite LS, to Spite MS” with Patti has proven that Multiple Sclerosisis less a diagnosis and more a collection of Multiple Stories.

And, Now, We Pause for a Brief CommercialMessage . . . Click “Despite MS, to Spite MS” to order.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society andCamp Courageous.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer