Monday, February 14, 2011

More mind rubble

What is our legacy? Or better, what is YOUR legacy?

Is it Your will. Listing out all the wordly possessions. Material crap collected over years, so you can leave it to someone. Someone we hope will cherish it, love it(call it George), as we did and not sell it on ebay or dump it off to the nearest thrift store?

Our Legacy is not those things we can touch.
It is not the car we drive. It is not what stocks or our house.

Our legacy is what is carried on after we are no longer able to plant our feet on the lovely green grass.

It is, what we'd hope, people carry away from us.

It is my one hope, of all the friends I have made in my life, even if befriending for a brief time, that they took something positive.
There had to be something of worth, if there was some kind of friendship.
In all my life