Monday, February 14, 2011

Driving thoughts(aka even more rubble)

Well the New Year has not started I envision a NEW Year should.

Just a plain ole bitch slap to the noggin. The ever presence of Time.
Yes, Time. The one notion, illusion that eludes me.

Death, or the struggle to beat Mr. Scythe wielding sociopath.
He has come near enough, too close in fact.
And within this thought , I struggle with my own permanence.

My very own, tic toc, tic toc. It is quite unnerving. No alarms, knock on wood. All is well here.
Physically. It is the emotional bender we are on, that just invades my purple circle too much so as of late.

Reliving days, of loss, through another person's own grieving.

I always had the fear of God. My parents did well at instilling that...
And yet, I took every opportunity to test those waters. To make a bet on that day, God was too busy to be bothered with silly me. He had bigger "things" to attend to, than to keep a watchful lightening bolting eye, on me.

I mean really, am I going to hell for my indescretions when He had Wars to peruse, famines to construct?

It all comes down to faith. So I have been told.
and over
and, well you get the point.

As much as I would like to sit here and argue theology. To point out inconsistencies of logic, I will not. For it is not my place to banter. Not open for public discussion.
Faith, beliefs, are what they are, individually.

I dont label what mine is...

It just is.

I live by values instilled in me, by my parents.
My Catholic parents. Would it matter if they were Jewish? Muslim? Buddhist? Lutheran?

All faiths have a basic core. A basic sense of good.
We do not have to agree of how we get there. Just as long as we get there.