Monday, May 10, 2010

I wore socks today

So why the newsflash? Well, it's not,it's just a reference more or less to the current weather here in New England.
I, being always cold, adore the warmer months. By April, I heave the sock drawer somewhere and do not look back, until Fall.
Like now.
The mornings have been brisk. See your breath brisk. Throw a sweatshirt and socks on weather. I love these mornings.
I like the transition from one season to the next. The wee hours are quiet. A sense of solitude and wonderful meditations.
The air has a scent, that floods the memory with Fall memories, school,football games,pumpkins, leaves and anticipating the first snow. Yesterday morning the dampness mixed with the cool air, one could almost smell snow...
Such a refreshing, make ya feel alive, moment.
Wearing socks....Transitions....

Stumbling on...

You may(or may not) recall my little post of the 7-11 chick?
Okay it was part of a Thursday thirteen, :

"5. I have decided to be a bit kinder to the bimbo nice girl at the 7-11, who has asked me numerous times, "Are those yours?", and points to my nails. To which I reply, "No I borrowed them from my mother. Are those yours?", pointing to her extremely grossly oversized double d's.
She didn't get it. She just smiled."

I return to this store this morning and Miss Daft is working. I was feeling a twinge of guilt and not wanting bad Karma , I decided that I'd be nice. Actually engage her in a quality conversation and give the poor lass a break.
Sooo, um ya...
The time that I go in the morning, the store is bustling with Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks naysayers, as myself. I prepare my Baronet Blast(like I need triple the caffeine, but what the heck) and stand in line.
I had reservations, a tad fearful she'd remember me and my wit.
That maybe she had that "AHAA" moment, a severe delayed reaction, and a "That bitch"...
Ya okay...I can dream.
Alas, she didn't put it together OR she just has a very forgiving heart.
Here is the conversation at the local 7-11 this morn:
Daft chick Behind counter= DCBC
Man In Line= MIL
Me= Me, duh..

As I stand in line, she is engrossed in a conversation with the paying customer, making chit chat about the latest media frenzied current event of her comprehension choice, the Emmy's Red Carpet. Who woulda thunk?

The others in line with me, smile and laugh at her commentary. Then another patron brings up the influx of layoffs here in CT and how these companies are shipping(oops outsourcing) to countries overseas.(Another subject, another time, another blogger). This topic is quite the buzz here.

DCBC: That is just terrible.
MIL: And this time of year no less, just bad all around.
{People nod and uh huh}
Me: I hear ya, My husband is looking at a layoff possibly this week.
MIL: Really where 'bouts?
Me: XXXX Company in XXXXX. They restructured, changed positions& duties so they can let ya go without bennys, severance AND unemployment. {Its true}
MIL: They can do that?
Me: Yep...They get around it by offering another position, extreme paycut and/or a transfer.
DCBC: Transfer?
Me: To another plant, in North Carolina, Florida...Even England, India and others overseas.
MIL: England?

Okay I was good up to this point.

DCBC: WOW! A chance to go to England.
Me: Well yea but its to move, permanently, not like vacationing.
DCBC: But still.
{I make a crinkled nose, as I am not up for moving across the ocean. No offense}
Me: So basically they make it so you won't take the transfers.
MIL: I tell ya these companies are just killing us.
DCBC: that would be like, sooooooo hard. Learning a new country and all that stuff. The culture in England,
{She is losing me now}
DCBC: And the language, ya know? Learning a new one.

*pop* (that was brain snapping)
'Tink Tink'

And with that there was no returning,an eery hush blanketed the store. The now 8 people stood, quiet. Amazed.
All that zoomed through my head was Karen Carpenter singing, "There's a kind of hush, all over the world"
Ya so I tried.
I really really did.

Oh and you are welcome for the song ditty that will play over and over!


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