Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why nothing gets accomplished...

Why? Oh I don't know...

"Mom, Anna's touching me"

Anna don't touch your brother.
"Ma! Paul won't let me use the phone!"
Paul let your brother use the phone.
"Can Kyle, Casey, Mike,and Zach sleep over?"
"Can Kyl--"
I heard what you said, Did you fall and hit your head or something? NO, they all can't sleep over.
"Why not?"
Not tonight
"Why not??"
Ask your father.
"I did, he said ask you"
Because.....errrr, I have things to get done.
"Like what?"
Excuse me?
"Conner took the ball"
"It's mine"
"I was playing with it"
Paul please get your clothes from the basement
The clothes...
"What about 'em"
**The Look**
"Can I go to Trish's"
Yes please do
"Can I have ride to the mall"
I guess.
"Mom! Conner hit me"
Conner please don't hit your sister.
"She bit me"
Anna....Did you bite your brother?
"Daddy, Conner hit me"
"Mom, can we go?"
Yes, Paul we can, jus' a minute please
"Why does HE get to go to the mall?"
"Shut up Jeremy"
Paul, don't talk like that!
"Why can't I go?"
He's older.
"He's always older"
**Dumbfounded, confused look on mom's face. Need a minute to process**
"MOM!" **Crash**
What was that? Why is there cereal in the toilet? Nevermind I don't want to know.
"I'm hungry,can I have a snack?"
After lunch.
"I don't want lunch"
You just said you were hungry.
"I want a snack"
Just a minute.
"Can I have a drink?"
"I can't reach it"
Why not?
"I'm too short"
**That explains it** Take one out of the fridge.
"I don't want those"
Of course not. Be right there.
"Mom, Jeremy won't start the PS2"
Jeremy please start the PS2.
I asked you to?
"Paul never starts the PS2"
Does it matter? Please just start it for your brother
"Why can't Paul?"
I didn't ask Paul.
Yes Rhianna.
"Can I sit on your lap?"
Yes Anna.
"What's that?"
"what's that?"
"How come?"
"What's that?"
"Can I have a grilled cheese?
I thought you didn't want lunch?
"I'm hungry"
Why aren't the dishes done?
Hello? Why aren't the dishes done?
"I don't know"
It wasn't a question.
"Sounded like one"
Stop Running!
Yes *sigh*
"Can we play outside?
It's too cold ou-...Yes Yes you play outside. Outside is good!
"I love you, you're the best"
Thanks Anna, you too!

This is why I can't get anything done!!! LOL. This was just in the course of an hour LOL. Welcome to my world. Is it bedtime yet??

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