Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MS Progressive Types: Living with It

In the series of articles on Progressive MS for the MS Section of Health Central, the third one talks about living with it. This article was first published May 26. Here it is --

MS Types: Living with Progressive MS

Each of us has our own way of dealing with bad news, and an MS diagnosis is bad news. When someone is newly diagnosed, it is pretty scary. Some people bend over backwards to learn everything they can. Others just live with it awhile, hoping for the best. We all learn as we go along because living with MS is such an ongoing challenge. Living with progressive MS is even more of a challenge.

The positive thinker adopts the mantra: "I have MS, it doesn't have me." There are times MS tries to take over our lives. It's as if the disease is an evil entity with a life of its own, but we must make the effort to ensure MS does not dominate. We are still the people we were before MS invaded our bodies. To stay true to the positive mantra, it is more important than ever to work on a healthy quality of life. I am here to tell you Progressive MS does not indicate the end of life. Your life is different, but it is still within your power to shape it.

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