Saturday, May 30, 2009

MS Progressive Types: Primary Progressive and Progressive Relapsing

In the series of articles on Progressive MS for MS Central section of Health Central, the second one talks about Primary Progressive and Progressive Relapsing. It was published May 20. Here it is --

MS Types – Primary Progressive and Progressive Relapsing

Let's continue looking at characteristics of Progressive MS. I already talked about the different types of MS and focused specifically on Secondary Progressive. As this series continues, I will discuss research and clinical trials, medications, "a day in the life," and other topics relating to the progressive types of MS. Today the focus is on Primary Progressive and Progressive/Relapsing MS.

Remember, most MSers have Relapsing/Remitting MS (55-85%). Only a small minority of MSers have Primary Progressive (10-15%) and Progressive/Relapsing MS (2-5%). There is an information void for these types. That information can be confusing to the patients, and maybe even to the doctors who see so few cases compared to the other types.

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