Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Collection for a Cause

The Accelerated Cure Project is "a non-profit a national nonprofit organization dedicated to curing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by determining the cause of MS."

They are collecting biological samples and data and creating the largest repository available for use by researchers. Research projects are often hindered by a limited number of study subjects and
end with inconclusive results. The Accelerated Cure Project already has more than 1000 samples with a goal of 10,000 to ensure more successful projects.

As research is completed, they are
developing a database of research results.

There is a lot of information here that makes this site worth visiting. They also provide down-loadable PDF's providing detailed MS information including how to deal with work and a chronic illness at the same time. This can be useful for many chronic conditions beyond MS.

The Accelerated Cure Project invites participation by requesting samples, as a collection site, or enrolling as a subject. Support them as they take sample collections to accelerate the search for the cause of MS.

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