Friday, May 2, 2008

5 Ways the Internet Is Important To Me

Blogging Against Disablism: I submit this idea: the Internet
is an equalizer among people with different abilities.

Before I was diagnosed with MS, my days were active and I worked full time. I was a single mother of two boys, went to school, and I tried to have a social life, too. After my diagnosis, I continued my schedule. As the disease progressed, I moved into telecommuting before becoming a stay-at-home person with a disability. Life has changed, and living with a disability is different than any time in the past. One big reason is the Internet. Today, much of my life is occupied with my laptop.

Here are five ways the Internet is important to me:

1. Learning Information
There are all kinds of articles and news about medical research. The Internet can keep me abreast of new research and legislation. Because I have signed up with newsletters and organizations such as NMSS and MSIF, I get messages when new articles are available. It is uplifting to learn how much research in so many different areas is active in so many different regions worldwide.

I have also learned about people's dedication, personal experiences, and the ways so many people have touched others' lives. I was in awe of Sylvia Lawry when I first read her story and the significant impact she has had on so many lives, all because she loved her brother. There are many stories out there, and I plan to read them all -- even the strange ideas like administering carbon monoxide.

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