Thursday, December 30, 2010

Changing Digits

So, with a relatively tumultuous year coming to a close. A year one can reflect on, learn from...and trudge forward to change the new digit. My thoughts meander, as they do. One tangent to the next. One learning curve, onto the next.

Nothing outrageously horrible occurred. There was more good that occurredocurred within my little blurb of life.

The more distasteful aspects of the year are not worth the print. They came, they went, yet they did not conquer. Nor will they.

It is what it is.

I can not change it.

I will not apologize for inaction. Or for the perception that one has of my inaction.




So with this New year, I look forward to making relationships with those friends I truly have, there are few of you by choice, stronger. Real.

To embracing Time.

To remain in awe of my children.

I look forward to endeavors not even dreamed of yet.

Shedding the ugliness of vile, negativity. There will be those who may(more likely not) come to the realization they are not connected.

That my absence will be noticed, but not noted.

There is an admission in making note.

All relationships are 50/50. Everyone carries guilt.

I shed that way back when, its time people own up to their end. I have committed myself, for myself, for MY family, to move within positive circles.

Defined as individuals without ulterior motives. Individuals who seek without having to grasp at others and steal what lies precious with in them.For people who hold no judgment of other people. Unless they can look in the mirror and see their own imperfections.

To lessen the aura of greed within my world. And those who do those things for their own agenda and selfishness.

I can not change what has been done, or what others perceive. Whether that perception is born of lies. No one ever inquired.

I am moving on.

I can not be wrapped up in the conundrum of barbed wire lives that are not my own and hold no importance.

I could banter back and forth. Yet it would serve no purpose but to prolong the realtiy.

No one really cares.

It will not change.

The expectations, are NOT two sided.

And I

can no longer wish upon a star.

I wish no ill.

I only wish for joy in those, and if they behold a happiness within their hearts that is theirs...

Then its all good.

As I will take a new year, fresh off the block. And begin anew.

May you all find what brings you Joy. Embraces you with happiness, and endures you through the coming days.

Peace. And Here is to the New!