Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One side of a conversation

What's that you say? Really?
Thats interesting...
No, no not much. Just life ya know.

A this and a that...with a bunch of what the f*** in between.
How long?
That long?
Allergy bill? I owe you? How's that?

Ohhhhh the dust that blows about on this page? I should put a disclaimer maybe?
About two years...Yep it's been about two years since any word laid down here and made a home. Any new word that is...A run down
We moved...bought a big old house. Yes OLD as in built in 1885. love it. Huge yard.
Kids love it. Odin loves it.
Odin? Ohhh yeah the two year thing. He is our pup...our 120 pound PUP. He is a South African Mastiff. He is the best pup one could want. We are also fostering rescues.
Yeah..why not add more chaos to the life huh.
THe kids...
Oldest graduates this year off to college. I just felt a few more wrinkles pop through. Otto rtarts High School...Con he is still Mcgyver, all boy and the Diva?
More the Diva, gotta love her.

I was promoted.
(Silent woo hoo for me)
My writing? HA HA...surely you jest...think there is dust here? Yet that is my darkness. My funk. Its building again. Gnaws at me,
Painting? Again you are a silly silly person. I know, we have more room, a wonderful FULL walk up attic(another house could go up there). Yet, it is a 100+ old attic, needs a tad bit of work to be a studio. It day. Sigh.

Well thats the past two years. Really, all the incidentals? Eh...*yawn*.
My hope? To slowly get back to writing, so excuse me as I stretch, clear the bunnies out of the gray matter.
Pardon my lack of, of...hmmmmm Pardon my rustiness, yeah.

So what's new in your neck of the woods?