Sunday, October 5, 2008

Share Your Art and Writing

Are you an artist with work to share? Here are two venues:

The MS Foundation is a service based non-profit organization the helps MSers especially focusing on improving quality of life. The website has developed a new forum, "Voices," designed for authors, poets, writers and photographers to share their work.

Tonight I read a short story, a poem, and saw pictures of a koala, lorikeets, baby platypuses, and a baby possum with burned "hands." Cute, cute, cute.

Anyone touched by MS can offer work, MSers, friends and family. Check topics in "To Our Visitors" the read "Forum Rules" to get started.

The second venue is Kaleidoscope Magazine that explores "the Experience of Disability through Literature and the Fine Arts." They publish fiction, non-fiction, book reviews, and visual arts of all kinds.

See publishing and payment information, or subscribe to the twice-a-year magazine.


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