Friday, July 4, 2008

ESPY Votes

Matt Scott is nominated for an ESPY award.

Sunday, July 20, Justin Timberlake will host the 2008 ESPY Awards, ESPN's tribute to some great athletes, and you get to choose the winners. You can vote for best of the best players, teams, moments in sports, and even best sports movie. One category is best male athlete with a disability and this is where Matt Scott comes in.

Matt has a congenital disability called spinabifida and he is a double foot amputee. So why is he nominated as an athlete? He plays wheelchair basketball in the collegiate division of the NWBA and the US men's national team. Pretty impressive. You may have seen Matt when he starred in the "no excuses" commercials for Nike.

To vote for Matt and in all the other categories, go to the ESPN voting page. You have to register, but it's relatively painless and it's free. Go vote!

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